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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless I'm currently reading Jerry Kaplan's excellent book "Startup: a Silicon Valley adventure". In this book, Kaplan, founder and CEO of GO Corp., details the founding, financing and eventual demise of his highly innovative company, including the development and workings of their product. What's so surprising about this book is just how timeless it really is - the names and products may have changed, but the business practices and company attitudes surely haven't.
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Apple fans get SO ANGRY in fact that they'll willing buy the next one, while shaking their fist in a threatening manner, saying "you better get it right this time!"

Customer satisfaction surveys would tend to disagree with you:

The fact is, Apple is selling a ton of product, and their customers are happy for the most part. Of course, angry geeks will claim that this is brainwashing on Apple's part, as they stomp off to root their Android phones to get the bloatware off of them.

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