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Linux "Scientific Linux is an unknown gem, one of the best Red Hat Enterprise Linux clones. The name works against it because it's not for scientists; rather it's maintained by science organizations. Let's kick the tires on the latest release and see what makes it special."
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Oh names...
by Jason Bourne on Sat 24th Mar 2012 21:01 UTC
Jason Bourne
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We have a problem with names within open source community. It's crystal clear as if no one is really interested in the foundations of commercial marketing. Projects come with the most ridiculous or inexpressive names. I know that's subjective to taste, but I think name has to have a good sounding tune, a catchy feeling. Scientific is no proper name here. As XFCE is no proper name for that GTK desktop. (Although I still think the most ridiculous name ever made is Debian = Deborah + Ian; now you can mod me down...)

Ok, back to topic... well...

I have used CentOS and found it like the article said: bug by bug clone. I was interest in knowing if SL has packages like latest software: Firefox, LibreOffice, Audacity, etc on top of that old GNOME and so on.

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