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Linux "Scientific Linux is an unknown gem, one of the best Red Hat Enterprise Linux clones. The name works against it because it's not for scientists; rather it's maintained by science organizations. Let's kick the tires on the latest release and see what makes it special."
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RE[2]: better devs than CentOS
by TechGeek on Sat 24th Mar 2012 21:12 UTC in reply to "RE: better devs than CentOS "
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I have nothing personal against the people making or using CentOS. Its Karanbir's project, and he is free to run it as he sees fit. But the reason I left is that the dev group is dysfunctional and really doesn't care to change. The name, Community Enterprise OS, is completely wrong. It should be Karanbir's Hobby OS. The main problem with the release of EL 6 has still not been addressed as far as I know. And that is to have some transparency in the build process. There is no good reason to keep everything secret. As for the binary differences, I have yet to find an example of something that worked on RHEL or CentOS but not on SL.

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