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In the News A few months ago, I wrote an article about comments, in which I said, among others things, that Twitter can never replace comments because not only is it effectively a one-to-one communication channel, Twitter messages are also far too short to foster any form of coherent conversation. Over the weekend, a silly link-bait story illustrated my point perfectly.
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RE[2]: 140 characters
by darknexus on Mon 26th Mar 2012 03:43 UTC in reply to "RE: 140 characters"
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"...(fine for the rap subculture I suppose, but useless to the intelligent people in the world).

So, what're you trying to say? In case you didn't know, just because there're stupid people in the rap sub-culture, doesn't mean that the whole subculture is stupid. There're plenty of people, who LOVE hip-hop, who're highly intelligent.

Hip hop != rap. And yes, I can make a point about the ridiculous shorthand I see on twitter and other short messaging systems by comparing it to rap subculture, because that's what it resembles. Typing the letter "u" instead of the word "you" for example, or ur instead of "you are." People who write like that are either not intelligent enough to realize how stupid it makes them appear, or don't care. The people who talk like that belong to the rap subculture, at least here in the US and, so long as they do not care to appear intelligent, I will make no effort to view them as such.
However, we're getting a bit off point here (my fault) so I'll let this rest.

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