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In the News A few months ago, I wrote an article about comments, in which I said, among others things, that Twitter can never replace comments because not only is it effectively a one-to-one communication channel, Twitter messages are also far too short to foster any form of coherent conversation. Over the weekend, a silly link-bait story illustrated my point perfectly.
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RE: 140 characters
by Neolander on Mon 26th Mar 2012 06:44 UTC in reply to "140 characters"
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I find twitter to be a complete waste of the web. I actually like the concept, but Twitter itself is stupid. This is the internet, not a cel phone messaging system. There is no reason to limit people to 140 characters at all. It not only creates simple issues such as message length and encourages ridiculous bastardizations and shortcuts of language (fine for the rap subculture I suppose, but useless to the intelligent people in the world), but also requires you to use URL shorteners and all sorts of other crap just to attempt to get your words out.

Take this one step further : why are texts still 160 chars long (or 70 if you add just one single Unicode character) in 2012 ? And why does a message weighting less than 1 KB cost around 10 cents in most countries ?

I can imagine that those who wrote the SMS standard forgot to include a way to change the size of a unitary message later. I can also imagine that they kept the length so low on purpose, in order to higher the odds that part of the message gets transmitted in low signal conditions. After all, SMSs were initially designed for carrier broadcasts. But why do we still have to care about these ugly internals of the SMS standard today ? Why can't we just type a message that's 1000 unicode chars long, press send, and let the machine figure out for itself how it is going to send it without paying a premium ?

As far as I'm concerned, any kind of character limit on a person-to-person message that lies in the hundreds of character range is part of an evil scheme to weaken our orthographic and argumentative skills in order to prepare the advent of newspeak for the sake of world domination.

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