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In the News A few months ago, I wrote an article about comments, in which I said, among others things, that Twitter can never replace comments because not only is it effectively a one-to-one communication channel, Twitter messages are also far too short to foster any form of coherent conversation. Over the weekend, a silly link-bait story illustrated my point perfectly.
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RE[5]: 140 characters
by Neolander on Mon 26th Mar 2012 07:09 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: 140 characters"
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Also, SMS can send more than 140 characters (at least in Europe), I regularly do that. But then of course it does cost you "ceil(characters_count/140)*sms_cost" ;)

Yup, I know about that, since I have learned to just enable unicode, type as much as I want, and deal with the neverending warnings coming from my phones and the obligation of finding a phone plan with unlimited texts.

I just wish it wouldn't be so complicated. Talk time is typically at 30 cents per minute for local calls here, and I doubt that a single text makes nearly as much use of the underlying infrastructure as 20 seconds of voice, even if it's heavily compressed.

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