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Mozilla & Gecko clones Still holding on to Windows 2000, XP RTM or XP SP1? No more Firefox for you, my friend - Mozilla has just upped its minimum supported Windows version to Windows XP SP2. In addition, support for Firefox 3.6 will end April 24. Asa Dotzler presents Opera as an alternative for you crazy people still on Windows 2000, XP RTM or XP SP1.
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RE[5]: Firefox 10 ESR
by bert64 on Mon 26th Mar 2012 09:43 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Firefox 10 ESR"
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Because this "legacy os" is abandoned by its creator, and will never receive any security updates ever again... It's also closed source and proprietary so noone else can provide fixes for it instead.
As such, using it on the Internet is wholly irresponsible.

You may feel that by turning off unused services means you are safe, but then this is something you should have done in the first place and should also be doing with any modern os. Turning off services only reduces the risk.
Why would a workstation have any inbound ports at all? Surely the most common use case of a workstation is that you only make outbound connections.

Also, making outbound connections also carries risk, you may be running an up to date browser, but that browser also has to interact with the rest of the OS, and this too can introduce risks. There have been several security vulnerabilities in windows which can be attacked through third party browsers, and if any more are found in these old versions they will never be fixed.

Also, just because firefox doesn't officially support these old systems, doesn't mean you can't compile your own binaries for it. The source is available, so if there is any demand then someone will make it available. Debian and NetBSD make firefox available for all manner of niche hardware platforms, just this week i installed firefox on an ia64 box.

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