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Multimedia, AV "XBMC 11.0 Milestones include Addon Rollbacks, vast improvements in Confluence (the default skin), massive speed increases via features like Dirty-region rendering and the new JPEG decoder, a simpler, better library, movie set scraping, additional protocol handling, better networking support, better handling of unencrypted BluRay content and structures, adjustable display refresh rate in OSX (to match the already available feature in Windows and Linux), AirPlay support, an upgraded weather service with geoip lookup, and much, much more. Check out the highlights in the summarized changelog."
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xbmc on ATV2
by lazar on Mon 26th Mar 2012 18:08 UTC
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Using xbmc on the elder AppleTV2 (720p) and I must say - only this way the ATV2 becomes a useful device.

For an open source product it is very mature.

Only sad thing is that in xbmc even with dirty-region rendering turned on, the MacBookPro2011 (IntelGraphics) fans will start to spin up when xbmc is doing nothing (just rendering the gui). When you play a movie usually no gui element is visible and the fans calm down.

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