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Windows As good as I personally think Windows Phone 7.5 is, there's no denying it has a bit of an application problem. Sure, there's enough applications when looking at quantity, but when looking at quality and having the applications people want, it's a different story. ZDNet managed to get its hands on Microsoft's plan to attract the developers of top mobile applications to Windows Phone.
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RE[2]: Ridiculous
by bert64 on Mon 26th Mar 2012 22:15 UTC in reply to "RE: Ridiculous"
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Actually, both Android and iOS support building code in C++ and using OpenGL... What mostly differs is the gui libraries, a not insurmountable obstacle given that both android and ios are major platforms.

Windows phone is a niche platform, and its totally incompatible with the others meaning not a lot of code can be shared and therefore has to be rewritten... Why would anyone go to that effort for a niche platform?

As another example, *BSD are pretty niche, but they benefit from sharing APIs with linux, so a lot of code written for linux can be used on bsd.

Microsoft are doing what they do on the desktop, a completely incompatible proprietary system... That works when people are already locked in, and helps keep them locked in... It doesn't work when your trying to enter a new market.

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