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Windows As good as I personally think Windows Phone 7.5 is, there's no denying it has a bit of an application problem. Sure, there's enough applications when looking at quantity, but when looking at quality and having the applications people want, it's a different story. ZDNet managed to get its hands on Microsoft's plan to attract the developers of top mobile applications to Windows Phone.
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Get some users first.
by theorz on Tue 27th Mar 2012 01:49 UTC
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I work as a product manager for a business application that has ~3million paid users. While it it mostly a web application, we have been releasing mobile apps the past few years.

Do we support windows mobile? Nope. Will we? Not anytime soon. Why? None of our customers have even asked for it. And by none, I mean zero requests ever. By contrast we were receiving about 50 requests a week for an iOS app before we released one, and about 30 requests a week for android. We have not yet released a Symbian or webos app, and both have seen much more request than wp7.

I do not have the resources or budget to support a platform our customers are not asking for. We simply do not have the time. No amount of dev tools and promotions from Microsoft will change our stance on supporting it (well I guess if they paid for creating the app that would work). The only thing that will change it them getting some users on the platform, and requesting an app from us.

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