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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "I just gave the new iPad an Editors' Choice award for large tablets, but frankly it was a foregone conclusion. The iPad doesn't get the award because of its hardware, lovely as the hardware is. It gets the award because its apps are generally better than the apps available for Android tablets." The laptop gap may have been closed, but the tablet gap sure hasn't.
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Porsche v. minivan
by tomz on Wed 28th Mar 2012 00:55 UTC in reply to "Subjective"
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I have a Toshiba Thrive. I can swap batteries, but rarely need to since it charges in an hour, nor do I need the bag of adapters since it has full size SDXC, USB (exFAT! -1G hard drive, keyboard, game, mice, serial, ethernet), and HDMI. It has a real GPS. I have multiple players including one that downloads youtube as offline video or audio. I keep finding new and useful apps. I have several keyboards - Hackers is most pc like.

I have a 4th gen iPod touch, and keep finding sites or media that just won't play. Nor can I play audiobooks and podcasts at varying faster speeds. Then there's the horror of having to use iTunes - somewhat fixed. Passwords are a nightmare to enter. Perhaps the iPad3 is better, but it won't charge when it is heavily used, and when idle takes hours, or at best 2 minutes ofnuse for 1 hour charge-while-idle. If you want a real GPS, it is $100 for a bluetooth one that has Steve's magic dust. More for usb, hdmi, and sdhc. I don't think it does sdxc, or move an mp3 song into iTunes. Maybe it has a gold-plated hammer apps, but the toolbox lacks anything with cutting edges. I have screws and bolts as well as nails and have android apps for all. Jailbreaking iOS makes it barely tolerable.

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