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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "I just gave the new iPad an Editors' Choice award for large tablets, but frankly it was a foregone conclusion. The iPad doesn't get the award because of its hardware, lovely as the hardware is. It gets the award because its apps are generally better than the apps available for Android tablets." The laptop gap may have been closed, but the tablet gap sure hasn't.
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RE: Porsche v. minivan
by gan17 on Wed 28th Mar 2012 01:44 UTC in reply to "Porsche v. minivan"
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who can tolerate that playschool interface

My mom, for starters. She's not in playschool, but she knows absolutely zilch about computing and still struggles with her laptop (which is a Macbook, btw) after all these years. The iPad2 I got her is the first computing device she's ever been comfortable with.

As for myself, well, I don't know. My smartphone does a pretty good job when I'm on the go, and it's got a big enough screen (Galaxy Nexus) for browsing and whatnot. The new iPad is tempting, but they're still novelty products for someone like myself at this moment in time.

I would say that Android isn't as good a platform as iOS for media creation, especially on the audio side. You won't find many (any?) pro-level studio/mixing apps for Android. Google is aware of the audio latency issues, but I have no idea if/when they plan to fix it.

Sorry tomz, this reply was meant for Lorin.

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