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Hardware, Embedded Systems For years and years now (since the first G4 iBooks), whenever someone asked me for advice about what laptop to buy, my standard answer was simple: get an Apple laptop. Doesn't matter which one. Apple was so far ahead of the competition it just wasn't funny anymore. This past weekend, though, marked the end of an era for me: for the first time, I advised someone to get an Asus ZenBook instead.
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macs aren't disposable because apple has always encouraged (and been successful at it) a culture of constant turn over. So people get rid of perfectly good hardware, that others looking for a cheap computer that's "different" buy.

in a way, macs are even more disposable than pcs because you only keep your mac for a few years then get rid of it before it's antiquated (I will allow that apple has done a better job of squeezing performance from computers than Microsoft though.) where as with a pc, in my understanding, people run them til they die. And only sudden changes in income cause turn over of pcs.

of course, I'm obviously biased. The last mac I enjoyed using ran os 9...

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