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Legal "Linus Torvalds just can't help but be a thorn in Microsoft's side. First, he created an open source project that completely upset Microsoft's business model. And now, he has helped shoot down an important Microsoft patent in Redmond's crusade to wring licensing dollars out of Google Android and other versions of Linux."
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RE[5]: Not so fast
by einr on Wed 28th Mar 2012 06:39 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Not so fast"
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Fragmented Environments.

You mean like the Metro start screen vs. the traditional desktop, neither of which can run each other's programs, in Windows 8?

You mean like how I can boot up Windows 7 right now, start five different Microsoft-supplied programs, and find five completely different UI:s?

Ribbon here, toolbar there. Menus? No menus? Who knows! XP this, Windows 3.1 that, and oh look, Windows Media Player has a custom bitmap skin! And so does Outlook! And wow, this new Visual Studio sure looks like NO OTHER WINDOWS APP. Cool!

It gets even worse if we're including commonly used things like Photoshop and Firefox, which draw their own widgets and ignore many OS conventions. Or how about anti-virus? There are a trillion anti-virus apps, but is there ONE that adheres to the Windows UX guidelines?

So: I'm going to say with a straight face that my XFCE/GTK based desktop is much cleaner and more consistent across applications. I couldn't say that ten years ago, when Windows looked better and Linux looked worse, but there it is. Windows in 2012 is an UI fragmentation disaster on a level unheard of, and it's only going to get worse in 8.

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