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Hardware, Embedded Systems For years and years now (since the first G4 iBooks), whenever someone asked me for advice about what laptop to buy, my standard answer was simple: get an Apple laptop. Doesn't matter which one. Apple was so far ahead of the competition it just wasn't funny anymore. This past weekend, though, marked the end of an era for me: for the first time, I advised someone to get an Asus ZenBook instead.
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My advises to family and friends
by spiderman on Wed 28th Mar 2012 07:07 UTC
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When someone asks me what laptop to buy, I give them those advises:
First off, are you going to travel with it? A lot of people buy laptops as desktop replacements, always plugged. Well, that's wrong. If you only use it at home on your desk, buy a desktop. You won't pay for a useless battery, you get better quality upgradable components and desktop live much longer.
Second off, if what you need is really a laptop, just don't buy anything above €500. A laptop typically lasts 2 years. After that, either it fails or it is obsolete. Don't buy any extended guarantee. Your laptop won't be worth the price of the guarantee in 2 years anyway.
Third off, use GNU. Windows or MacOS X are proprietary software and they are not practical. They require a hard to get DVD to reinstall and you are not in control. Moreover that's the ethical thing to do as you contribute to breaking the worldwide locking. Buy a laptop with GNU or without OS and make sure the laptop is GNU compatible. Anyway if you are really addicted to Windows, chances are you already have a license, don't buy another one.

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