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BeOS & Derivatives After being broken in Haiku for quite a while, Axel Dorfler has fixed SMP: "Our SMP configuration is pretty weak right now - it only supports virtual-wire mode which is only one of two possible modes every compatible IA-32 MP system should support." There's even a screenshot to prove it.
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Haiku booting from harddisk
by Zenja on Tue 25th Oct 2005 22:49 UTC
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The Haiku images can also be installed to a dedicated partition, and booted from such. From BeOSR5/Zeta, you run Installer to create a BFS partition (10 seconds to navigate the menus, 2 seconds to do the actual partition initialisation), copy over the contents from the Haiku image to the physical partition (5-10 seconds, depending on speed of disk), and a quick jump to Terminal and type makebootable -fast /Haiku, then run bootman to add Haiku to the boot menu, then reboot. Install time - less than a minute.

Once you've rebooted and passed the boot loader, you will boot into the Haiku (which is GUI based) in about 5 seconds. 5 seconds from boot to GUI. By default, BeTerm starts, from where you will be able to start Tracker and other sample apps. Add tracker to your bootscript and you're in business.

There is still a fair bit more to do, but it's amazing to see how sleek it is at such an early stage. Haiku will never go down the bloat route, so it's refreshing to see just how little space/resources we actually need to run a well designed system.

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