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Legal "Linus Torvalds just can't help but be a thorn in Microsoft's side. First, he created an open source project that completely upset Microsoft's business model. And now, he has helped shoot down an important Microsoft patent in Redmond's crusade to wring licensing dollars out of Google Android and other versions of Linux."
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RE[7]: Not so fast
by einr on Wed 28th Mar 2012 08:47 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Not so fast"
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I had a larger reply going, but I don't think it is worth posting. These are common arguments, and while I can understand them I have a hard time relating to them personally, so I'm just going to address this little gem:

they've done little to nothing up to this point

Really? You're going to claim this? When I started using Linux on the desktop (1998-ish,) it was pretty gosh-darn bad and often looked much like this:

There has been a LOT of progress, and although I personally think some of the newer developments are detrimental (Unity, GNOME 3, the pulseaudio mess), consistency and usability of the Linux desktop now is lightyears beyond what it was even five or ten years ago.

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