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GNU, GPL, Open Source "DR-DOS released DR-DOS 8.1 in the beginning of this month. But instead of an upgrade of the previous DR-DOS 8.0, it's something completely different. The kernel is a badly patched copy of the Enhanced DR-DOS kernel old version 7.01.06 without any credit to its author Udo Kuhnt. The other programs and drivers included are old versions of some popular open source, freeware and shareware products without licenses, documentation or even credit to their authors. This means that DR-DOS 8.1 is just a bunch of old tools plus a compilation of others' works, obviously sold without permission and in violation of their license terms."
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RE: GPL attitude
by abraxas on Tue 25th Oct 2005 22:59 UTC in reply to "GPL attitude"
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This is another typical example of GPL vs BSD developers' attitude:

GPL people: "Aargh, they used our code!"
BSD people: "Cool, they used our code!"

It's more like:

GPL people: "Aargh, they violated our license"
BSD people: "Aargh, they violated our license"

GPL developers love when people use their code, it usually means more development. BSD developers are the same way but neither of them want the license violated. The GPL has stricter distribution restrictions but anyone is still allowed to use it.

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