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Editorial My previous article analyzed some tech companies and their prospects: Microsoft, Intel, HP, Dell, Oracle, Apple, and Google. This article discusses IBM, Amazon, Yahoo!, Cisco, and BMC Software. The goal is to spark a useful discussion. What is your opinion of these companies? Do they have viable strategies for the future?
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by JonathanBThompson on Wed 28th Mar 2012 22:26 UTC
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Is a jungle inside. Sure, it's a pun, but it's also 100% true! There's more than one reason they're hiring so many people, and it's not just for growth: Amazon swallows people and spits them out with how things are done in so many of their groups/departments. I'm sure there are some groups that use a good process and proper environments for QA and developers, but I can absolutely guarantee you based on first-hand experience working under their roof that some of what they do would make you cringe when it comes to process and environments. During the time I worked there in one group (just short of 9 months) the turnover was higher than the time I spent years ago as a pizza delivery driver in a chain pizza restaurant, and understandably so.

Amazon is the 8 billion pound gorilla in their space in many things: what they need to worry about long-term is competitors that execute better when it comes to quality and reliability of their systems, and attracting a large enough customer base (I'm not talking individuals buying stuff from them, but merchants, for the most part). Amazon, I feel, may allow themselves to grow too complacent in this regard, precisely for the same reason Microsoft (I've worked under their roof, too) allowed Windows quality to become a bad joke amongst many in the past: they had the dominant position, and didn't feel threatened enough to do a better job, since they didn't have much reason to fear customers going to someone else.

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