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Games "Last week, we previewed the launch of Wing Commander Saga: Darkest Dawn, the fan-built companion to Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger that's been in the making for the past ten years. We were excited for its launch. But now that the game is available, how'd the team do?" They did good, it turns out. It's high time the space simulator genre gets a boost. And yeah, it's a slow news day, unless you want me to bore you with nonsense about the new iPad being slightly warmer to the touch or a Microsoft contest not being fair (who'da thunk?!).
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My favorite character from the WC universe was Ralgha nar Hallas (aka "Hobbes") from WC II. I was horribly saddened to see him actually be a mind-wiped traitor. Of course, worse than that, was the HORRIBLE suits those Kilrathi were in WC III/IV. Ugly and badly animated costumes! They oughta stuck with bit-mapped graphics or rendered characters or something.

As a Christian, I'm a little concerned that the language in the game might be less than G, as there is no rating on this game. Anyone able to tell me what (if any) "bad language" is used in this game?

I was bothered by the use of the word "damn" in WCII (when I played it, back in the 90's), so you can figure I'm not gonna like hearing anything WORSE Than that.

If anything really vulgar is said, this game won't be staying on my hard drive more than the time it takes to hear it once.

But I'm happy to see someone has picked up the WC franchise torch and brought something to light. Any chance of seeing Hobbes, since this game is set just before WC III? It'd be nice to see an old familiar friend once again... hopefully looking (much) better than in WCIII/IV.

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