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Games The rumour mill for the next generation of video game consoles has been churning out some juicy stuff these past few months. While Nintendo has laid most of its cards out on the table, Microsoft and Sony have remained tight-lipped, probably because their consoles are still seeing increased sales. So, we have to rely on rumours, and those rumours have one thing in common: Microsoft and Sony want to eliminate the used games market.
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Actually I'd say Urban terror is exactly what is WRONG with indie games and here is why: What is it? yet another Q3 Arena clone. Now compare it to MW3 or Call Of Duty or even Far Cry I from 2003...see the difference?

The problem with indie games in a nutshell is unless its a little popcap or humble bundle style game what you end up with is "itch scratching" and ripping off the same old tired ideas over and over and OVER because its easy. its simply easier to just make another Q3 Arena clone that it is to make a game with good story, excellent characters, decent acting, etc. the simple fact is there is a VERY small niche for the whole "chicken with its head cut off" throwing crap at each other MP only game and most of those players are in the latest Call of Dooky MP or playing TF2 for free.

So while I wish the indies nothing but luck ripping off Q3 Arena AGAIN simply isn't gonna set the world on fire, nobody is gonna go "Oh but YOUR ripoff of Q3 Arena is just so much more special than the 40 other Q3 Arena ripoffs" and suddenly make it take off. Do something different, something new, hell make it funny like No One Lives forever or crazy like Postal II, SOMETHING besides yet another MP only Q3 Arena clone.

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