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Games The rumour mill for the next generation of video game consoles has been churning out some juicy stuff these past few months. While Nintendo has laid most of its cards out on the table, Microsoft and Sony have remained tight-lipped, probably because their consoles are still seeing increased sales. So, we have to rely on rumours, and those rumours have one thing in common: Microsoft and Sony want to eliminate the used games market.
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RE[2]: Books
by sagum on Thu 29th Mar 2012 10:40 UTC in reply to "RE: Books"
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Real book lovers know that paper books will never go away. We've already read enough paper books to know that without them, when skynet takes over we'll not have access to computers initally and we'll have lost the way to lookup information and won't be able to shut it down.

Seriously though, there is something special about the musty smell, the texture of a book, its pages, the weight and size of each one as you flick the pages taking in the story or information that they contain.

the most you get from a ebook is the sore eyes and recharging.

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