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Games The rumour mill for the next generation of video game consoles has been churning out some juicy stuff these past few months. While Nintendo has laid most of its cards out on the table, Microsoft and Sony have remained tight-lipped, probably because their consoles are still seeing increased sales. So, we have to rely on rumours, and those rumours have one thing in common: Microsoft and Sony want to eliminate the used games market.
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As a gamer I want to desperately disagree. I'd like to tell you that COD 124 will not sell $200 million on launch day. It will. People are sheep.

We will also probably be paying for games in installment plans as DLC has gone from every few games to every single games. I believe one of the dragon age games had content that you had to "unlock" with paid DLC. How crazy is that?

If they remove the used games market my strategy is two fold:

* Buy all the games I want to play on the console I own (xbox 360) from gamestop, etc
* Based on the user account model - Unless the games come heavily discounted (ala steam) I'm not going to be buying them. I'd rather not pirate but not every $60 game (to start) is worth $60.
* I might also just switch to PC where there is more freedom.


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