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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Over the years, one thing has been very hard to grasp for some people: the fact that people want smartphones with 4.0"+ screens. These 'some people' seem to believe that because Apple chose a 3.5" display, any display size that isn't 3.5" is wrong. Keep that in mind when you read Samsung's latest little communiqué: the Korean giant has sold (not shipped, sold) more than 5 million Galaxy Notes. Which has a 5.3" screen.
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Not a size
by mayevski on Thu 29th Mar 2012 16:53 UTC
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I think large part of sales was made not by / due to enormous screen size but by stylus. Stylus is a great thing, much better than a finger when it comes to work with a pocket assistant, and many people miss its capabilities (and no, those cucumber-sized capacitive stylii are not a solution).

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