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Internet & Networking The Goodbye, Microsoft website has been a good source of Linux information for five years, focusing on issues like compatibility, mature computers, performance, applications, light distros, and reviews. The site just posted its Big Board of Linux Distributions, a list that gives you quick info on Linux distros sorted by hardware requirements. Here's to hoping this useful non-commercial website is with us for the next five years.
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RE: The golden days of Ubuntu
by tuma324 on Thu 29th Mar 2012 16:54 UTC in reply to "The golden days of Ubuntu"
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Nostalgia. I remember when Ubuntu 9.10 was actually a superior product than Windows XP SP3 and Vista. Then Windows 7 came, and people decided that GNOME 2.8 continuation would be the smartphone'd UI GNOME Shell. Some space traveler also thought that he could make a trip to Pluto hoping everyone would buy his idea - and Unity came. It's hard these days which distro you should recommend, people are considering more going Microsoft.

I think tons of people are considering dumping Microsoft more than ever with the upcoming Windows 8.

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