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Internet & Networking The Goodbye, Microsoft website has been a good source of Linux information for five years, focusing on issues like compatibility, mature computers, performance, applications, light distros, and reviews. The site just posted its Big Board of Linux Distributions, a list that gives you quick info on Linux distros sorted by hardware requirements. Here's to hoping this useful non-commercial website is with us for the next five years.
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RE: astroturfing
by bassbeast on Thu 29th Mar 2012 17:49 UTC in reply to "astroturfing"
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Not to mention on the very first page one of the articles is "Stop breaking my software!" which is something Windows hasn't had to deal with since the switchover from Win9X to WinNT.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, the problem with Linux in a nutshell is the "Busted Toilet dilemma" which is thus: For every job that is fun, or exciting, or interesting, you have 100 jobs that are about as pleasant as cleaning up the puke at the Chuck E Cheese. Apple and MSFT pay hundreds of millions to get those jobs done but in Linux? they simply don't get done. Here it is 2012 and there STILL isn't an easy and simple way to roll back drivers or find drivers when something goes wrong, two features Windows has had since Win2K. the docs are often just lists of CLI commands with ZERO explanation if you are lucky, if not its a "to do" placeholder, Pulseaudio can puke and die waaaay too easy, the same goes for wireless, and now the bare minimum for support for ANY Windows OS, be it home or Pro, is 10 years solid, whereas the absolute BEST you can get in Linux is a lousy 5 years.

The problem is there simply is no way for a person or corporation to get paid to fix the busted toilets because someone can come along and redistribute your work for free. until the license is changed you will continue to see the list of failed linux distros pile up, gOS, Xandros, linspire,Novell, Mandriva soon, and I predict Canonical within 2 years. As one guy I was talking to put it "FOSS is filled with 80% complete software" and its that other 20% that bites you in the rear. Sadly unless and until the license is changed so companies like Canonical can get paid for fixing all the messes Linux will ALWAYS be an also ran because in this age of Win 7 and OSX Lion "80% complete" just isn't gonna cut it for the masses.

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