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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Over the years, one thing has been very hard to grasp for some people: the fact that people want smartphones with 4.0"+ screens. These 'some people' seem to believe that because Apple chose a 3.5" display, any display size that isn't 3.5" is wrong. Keep that in mind when you read Samsung's latest little communiqué: the Korean giant has sold (not shipped, sold) more than 5 million Galaxy Notes. Which has a 5.3" screen.
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Apples Vested Interest
by johjeff on Thu 29th Mar 2012 20:27 UTC
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The reason Apple is keeping their iPhone the same size is that they have a vested interest in doing so. They are trying to keep differentiation in their Market Segments.

Apple knows their brand loyalty. They know that someone with an iPhone is likely to buy another Apple product. If the line between phones and tablets gets blurry, it will eat into their iPad sales. By keeping the market segmented in this manner, they ensure a strong profit stream from people buying both an iPad and an iPhone.

In reality, Apple is only slightly more innovative than Microsoft. Both companies improve their bottom lines with similar methods - copy, sue, repeat, but Apple has done Microsoft one better by creating a cultish following that Bill can only dream about.

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