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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Over the years, one thing has been very hard to grasp for some people: the fact that people want smartphones with 4.0"+ screens. These 'some people' seem to believe that because Apple chose a 3.5" display, any display size that isn't 3.5" is wrong. Keep that in mind when you read Samsung's latest little communiqué: the Korean giant has sold (not shipped, sold) more than 5 million Galaxy Notes. Which has a 5.3" screen.
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If I wanted a tablet, I’d by an iPad
by rekabis on Fri 30th Mar 2012 03:05 UTC
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If I wanted a tablet, I would by an iPad. But I don't want a tablet as a phone -- I want a phone as a phone. Which is why the iPhone’s form factor is “just right” for me. And I don’t have tiny hands either… I’m 6′2″ tall and have a hand span of over nine inches, yet I cannot make use of a larger Android phone with just one hand because it ends up flipping out of my hand and falling on the floor when I try to reach the far corner with my thumb. It happened three times in five minutes when I tried to use my friend’s phone (thank goodness we were over carpet), and I was forced to use two hands just to manipulate the sucker. Problem is, I use my phone one-handed almost exclusively. As such, any screen over four to 4½ inches wide is far too wide for my large hands. I’m simply not built like the Hulk, with hands as wide as hubcaps.

Edited to add: Not that a larger screen wouldn’t help the iPhone… IMHO it actually would. I am hoping that the iPhone 5 screen sits somewhere between 4 and 4½ inches in size, so things can be just that little bit bigger… but anything beyond that is just going into tablet territory… which is no place for a phone.

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