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Hardware, Embedded Systems "Little benownst to the world all this time, GoldenEye (N64) has a fully-functional ZX Spectrum 48x emulator built into it. By feeding it a proper Spectrum monitor program and calling menu 25 to load a snapshot, any Spectrum 48x program can be run. The emulator started life as a side project to see if Spectrum emulation was possible on N64 and was hooked into GE, the current game in development. It was supposed to be removed before release but was only made inaccessible and inoperable. All the registers, dependancies, and script required to run the emulator still reside in retail GoldenEye carts."
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RE[5]: Comment by henderson101
by Sparrowhawk on Fri 30th Mar 2012 11:23 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Comment by henderson101"
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I completed both LoM and DDR. LoM by moving all armies to one citadel while using the single characters to recruit more armies. The enemy kept attacking the citadel, but even though my men were dead tired they'd win pure on numbers. They enemy didn't mass troops, it just attacked when it arrived. When they were all defeated I just moved to the enemy citadel.

Ah yes, the old "Everyone pile into Xajorkith" routine. That's how I first won too. After that it was pretty much defeat after defeat as I tried new and daring (and ineffective) strategies. Great stuff.

PS. Come on over to Midnight/MU - multi-user turned-based LOM and DDR online (plus new maps). How could you resist? ;)

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