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Gnome "GNOME 3.4 introduces a range of new features. A new document search facility allows quick access to content stored both on your device and online. Smooth scrolling means that moving through content is slick and graceful. New application menus, which are located on the top bar, provide a useful way to access application options and actions." And a lot more.
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RE: clue?
by nej_simon on Sat 31st Mar 2012 11:32 UTC in reply to "clue?"
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At what point to gnome developers and designer realize they need to radically rethink their direction?

I mean they've lost, what, 99% of their userbase in a year?? (no idea but at least 90%). How does this not throw them into a panic and total firefighting mode?


Last time I checked the three most popular distros on distrowatch all use gnome 3 as their main DE. Fedora has a vanilla gnome 3 + gnome-shell, Mint has gnome 3 + gnome-shell with some customizations and Ubuntu has gnome 3 + their own unity shell with gnome-shell as an alternative. Oh, and the fallback desktop that looks and works like gnome 2 is also available on these distros if you like that better (in fact I'm using it on Ubuntu now).

It surely doesn't look like gnome lost 90-99% of their users...

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