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Games The rumour mill for the next generation of video game consoles has been churning out some juicy stuff these past few months. While Nintendo has laid most of its cards out on the table, Microsoft and Sony have remained tight-lipped, probably because their consoles are still seeing increased sales. So, we have to rely on rumours, and those rumours have one thing in common: Microsoft and Sony want to eliminate the used games market.
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The stats are based on how much download data is being used on Amazon S3 for hosting the media files used by the game. According to them I am using roughly 3.3 TB of data per month (3460300 mb). The media files for one person to download is 20 mb.

Ok, bummer. Not only do they pirate your game en masse, but also you have to pay for the distributed data. So only Android game data is hosted on Amazon S3, given that you can tell how much piracy is directly attributed to Android?

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