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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Two years ago, Linux guru Caitlyn Martin argued that "Ubuntu is a Poor Standard Bearer for Linux" due to reliability issues. She said that "Other distributions have problematic releases but other major distributions do not have significant problems in nearly every release. Ubuntu does." In her follow-up piece "How Canonical Can Do Ubuntu Right: It Isn't a Technical Problem," she explained how "...the problem I am describing is probably rooted in policy or business decisions that have been made..." and she offered specific ideas on how Canoncial could address the situation. Are these criticisms valid today? Does Ubuntu offer good reliability? Does it deserve its mindshare as the representative of PC Linux?
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RE: Guru Schmuru
by AdamW on Sun 1st Apr 2012 07:12 UTC in reply to "Guru Schmuru"
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"No she didn't. Other than vague things like "improve QA" and "promote LTS more" this article fails miserable in this department. It's basically "Ubuntu does some...stuff...wrong and they should so some...other...stuff...differently" without ever specifying what that stuff is. Zero solutions are provided. "

This. This, a hundred times.

It's kind of sad how many articles of exactly this type seem to get churned out on a daily basis by the tech press. It seems like every day some journalist wakes up, finds a bug, and decides to parlay it into a spectacularly poorly-argued article along the lines of 'Firefox crashed on me, so I conclude that Mark Shuttleworth is evil and the solution is for everyone to run Google Windows! Also, desktop Linux needs more applications!' The sad part is, I'm barely even exaggerating...

I used to read almost every article in my RSS feed (OS News, Linux Today, Slashdot, The Reg, Tuxmachines). These days I barely get through the headlines of most of them before they hit the garbage pile.

I think the old saying needs updating - those who can, do. Those who can't, write articles complaining about those who can...

For years, Ubuntu was the darling of the tech press and could do no wrong. These days it seems like they can't feed a starving orphan without fifty articles being written about how it's really just part of Dark Lord Shuttleworth's nefarious plans for humanity. Did Ubuntu change that much or is the change more on the other side?

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