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Gnome "GNOME 3.4 introduces a range of new features. A new document search facility allows quick access to content stored both on your device and online. Smooth scrolling means that moving through content is slick and graceful. New application menus, which are located on the top bar, provide a useful way to access application options and actions." And a lot more.
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RE[2]: What's Gnome 3.4?
by RawMustard on Mon 2nd Apr 2012 10:58 UTC in reply to "RE: What's Gnome 3.4?"
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The choices you talk about prevents users to use Linux, whatever that word means today. There's too much fragmentation, too many choices.

Fragmentation is a fallacy derived in your own head or a regurgitation of anothers idiotic thought patterns.

There are thousand's of dishes to chose from when I'm hungry, but I never seem to have a problem filling my belly with something yummy, even if it means combining some of those dishes to come up with something unique!

If you're a regimented computer user, then stick to windows or better still - MacinTossers. Linux is Linux, the ultimate in choice. Stop complaining it's something it's not and hopefully never will be!

Learn its true strengths and you won't see fragmentation but true power to do the hell you want, how you want it done ;)

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