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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Two years ago, Linux guru Caitlyn Martin argued that "Ubuntu is a Poor Standard Bearer for Linux" due to reliability issues. She said that "Other distributions have problematic releases but other major distributions do not have significant problems in nearly every release. Ubuntu does." In her follow-up piece "How Canonical Can Do Ubuntu Right: It Isn't a Technical Problem," she explained how "...the problem I am describing is probably rooted in policy or business decisions that have been made..." and she offered specific ideas on how Canoncial could address the situation. Are these criticisms valid today? Does Ubuntu offer good reliability? Does it deserve its mindshare as the representative of PC Linux?
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by RawMustard on Mon 2nd Apr 2012 14:44 UTC
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Does Ubuntu offer good reliability?

No, but I don't think Ubuntu has ever strived for such. I think Mark Space traveler(Couldn't think of his surname) tries to push the envelope and force linux into a certain paradigm, into his own vision.
Obviously this leads to a few hiccups. The reason why I don't use it.

Does it deserve its mindshare as the representative of PC Linux?

Of course it does. It represents what Linux is all about. The ability for anyone to take what tools the community have created and forge a new tool from them.

It might not be what you want or expect and no one is forcing you to agree with Mark's or Ubuntu's philosophy, but it stands as another chapter in Linux's history. One that shows that anyone with the balls ;) can blow huge wads of cash to try and shape Linux into their own vision.

The problem is, I don't think people that try to do that really understand what Linux is all about, but that doesn't mean we need to constantly question these people for their actions. Let them be to pursue whatever their dream is and if you sort of agree with them, share your thoughts and help them achieve what you think it is they want. They'll soon tell you if you're not in their frame of mind. You can then look for another distro to help out or start your own. Ain't the GPL a wonderful thing?!

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