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Features, Office You have just bought tickets to an exotic vacation spot. You board the flight, you land safely, you pull your netbook from your backpack, fire it up, and then check if there are any available Wireless networks. Indeed there are, unencrypted, passwordless, waiting for you. So you connect to the most convenient hotspot and start surfing. Being addicted as you are, you want to login into your email or social network just to check if something cardinal happened in the world during your four-hour flight. You're about to hit the sign in button. Stop. What you're about to do might not be safe.
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RE[7]: Linux most secure
by B. Janssen on Wed 4th Apr 2012 10:23 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Linux most secure"
B. Janssen
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Thank you for your answer. I think I understand where you are coming from and I agree. People have become much better in avoiding pitfalls and every ounce of common sense certainly helps. However...

My brother and sister who aren't computer savvy at all understand not to download crap from dodgy websites and can spot something dodgy from a mile off ... because it is something they have been brought up with.

... I can't stress enough that being savvy is not enough anymore. Modern malware sneaks onto your system via totally legitimate and non-fishy vectors. All I really want to do here is to raise awareness of that fact. And telling ourselves that we are competent enough to avoid this or that is just creating a false sense of security. That's something we need to be aware of, too.

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