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Legal "Cyber attacks on IT systems would become a criminal offence punishable by at least two years in prison throughout the EU under a draft law backed by the Civil Liberties Committee on Tuesday. Possessing or distributing hacking software and tools would also be an offence, and companies would be liable for cyber attacks committed for their benefit." Wait, what?
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Taken at face value, possession of a Windows password reset disk or the Sysinternals Suite (now owned by Microsoft) could potentially result in a criminal record.

I'm sure many IT professionals have tools such as this to recover forgetful users or to remotely run commands in order to fix problems... I'm also sure most of those folk have only used these with good reason and never to attack systems they have no business touching.

You'd hope the so called "Civil Liberties Committee" had enough expertise to differentiate between legitimate use and attacks but then again, this is the EU so who knows the origins/agenda of this draft?

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