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Google Google's CEO, Larry Page, has just published a letter titled "2012 Update from the CEO". It's a state of the union-sort of thing, mostly filled with the usual stuff of how great Google supposedly is (we'll decide that for ourselves, why thank you). There's one bit in it, though, that caught my eye - something that puts Android's supposed fragmentation issues in a rather different light.
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Too bad Android (stock ICS) and iOS are both freaking usability disasters.
-Multitasking is a joke.
-Using multitouch gestures on a tiny screen is a joke.
-Gestures are undiscoverable an inconsistently available.
-Gestures are accidentally triggable and not undoable.
-Preference to grids of cryptic icons instead of menus with words.
-Using sliders as check boxes and doing it poorly and inconsistently.

Special thanks to Samsung for designing Galaxy S2 so that it feels like a thin bar of oiled soap and has a front that is touch sensitive practically everywhere.

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