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Linux "Over a thousand developers contribute code to any given Linux kernel release. It's a process that works well from a technical perspective, but it's also one that has its fair share of shortcomings. In a panel at the Linux Foundation Collaboration summit this week, top Linux kernel developers detailed their common pet peeves about the Linux development model. It's a model that is not for the feint of heart ."
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RE[4]: Sigh
by lucas_maximus on Fri 6th Apr 2012 19:54 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Sigh"
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The false equivalence(s) put forth, which were triggered, I assume, by the thin skin involved... prove my point in a hilarious fashion.


I actually said it was utter bullshit not because I have a thin skin because it was the most appropriate comment.

You were just pigeon holeing everyone into one little box and claiming that everyone reacts the same to criticism.

Claiming they are false equivalences doesn't make them so.

You were claiming that those who do how to do something will just shrug off those berate them.

I gave two examples where different personality traits had very different outcomes, even though their ability were equal to their competitors.

You had no counter argument and called it a false equivalences and then declared yourself correct

:yawn: I suppose this is OSNEWS.

Here is a hint: if you know what you are doing. Chances are you can understand whether criticism is due, and thus you can learn from it, or you can ignore it if its nothing more than a passive aggressive call for attention from someone at the other end of another computer far far away.

Actually not always. I have found while working those that are most confident about their abilities are usually the worst, usually because it turns into ignorance and lack of an inner voice.

As I said upsetting people doesn't get you anywhere. Ulrich Drepper is a well known arsehole that looked after glibc, he was such an arsehole they basically forked it.

And Ullrich acting like a dick.

He held back GNU C library because he didn't want to listen to anyone except for himself and acted like an arsehole.

I have worked with people like him and they generally didn't last very long under employment.

Because you are working on an Open Source project doesn't mean you get a free ticket act like an arsehole.

Yes, some people are assholes. But that is a general human constant regardless of whether one is involved in a open source project or not.

Actually I work with many other develpers and while I think that some of them aren't up to scratch it isn't my problem ... I am not their manager.

However when something is going wrong I tend to politely ask them to do it the right way. If they continue doing it in a way that is detrimental to a project, I will consult my boss and go through the official channels.

Outwards calling acting like an arsehole doesn't get you anyway ... and arguing back in an unprofessional way makes you a bigger arsehole and alienates those that would otherwise be on your side.

BTW: Unless you have holes with asses (they are similar to donkeys) in them ... the person is acting like an arsehole ;-)

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