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Mac OS X We don't normally report on security issues, especially not when they occur on Mac OS X. So far, the security issues on the Mac can barely be labelled as such, and really don't deserve a lot of attention. Now, however, it would appear we're looking at the first successful widespread malware infection on Mac OS X. Not a bad track record for an eleven year old operating system, by the way.
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RE[2]: Well ...
by Alfman on Sun 8th Apr 2012 03:25 UTC in reply to "RE: Well ..."
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Well, what do you expect, the corporate slogan is "Think Different", not "Be Different".

But seriously, why is it that every time new mac malware surfaces it's always treated as though it's never happened before? I don't get it?

I wish it was possible to search the web excluding the last couple days since this last incident is overloading the search results. This article published in '06 has a list.

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