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Mac OS X We don't normally report on security issues, especially not when they occur on Mac OS X. So far, the security issues on the Mac can barely be labelled as such, and really don't deserve a lot of attention. Now, however, it would appear we're looking at the first successful widespread malware infection on Mac OS X. Not a bad track record for an eleven year old operating system, by the way.
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RE: My thoughts...
by Alfman on Sun 8th Apr 2012 06:04 UTC in reply to "My thoughts..."
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"But this particular case is because of Java, which is a security crapfest in itself, even more so since Apple rolls their own."

You are correct, and some of the vulnerabilities against macs do seem to be third party related. Note though that apple was always eager in it's advertising to group together all malware under the "windows" umbrella regardless of whether microsoft windows was at fault or not.

Now, that view has some merit. We can recognize that the windows experience can be worse for end-users regardless of who is responsible for vulnerabilities. However in order to not be hypocrites, apple would have to admit that mac users are in fact affected by malware.

To be honest though, apple's portrayal of being impervious to malware is far more appalling (to me) than their security track record, which is still respectable in context. On the other hand, the fact that they deny any security risks is a disservice to the mac community who are ill prepared to cope when things like this inevitably happen.

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