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In the News "Ferdinand A. Porsche, who designed the original Porsche 911, the snazzy, powerful sports car that became the lasting signature of the German automobile company founded by his grandfather and later run by his father, died on Thursday in Salzburg, Austria. He was 76." I believe only Italians can design beautiful cars (I mean, game over, kids), but there's no denying that the 911 is a true icon. Cars technically don't have a place on OSNews, but Ferdinand Porsche's passing cannot go by unmentioned.
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RE: Jim Marshall
by bassbeast on Sun 8th Apr 2012 09:14 UTC in reply to "Jim Marshall"
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Oh it wasn't just Hendrix, he was also one of the first guys to make REAL amps for bass players (instead of just building a guitar amp with bigger speakers) with the Marshall Major. While i prefer my Pre Peavey buyout Trace Elliot (tubes are too fussy and take too long to cool down and are hard to keep a clean tone unless you change them very often) I will be the first to admit there is NOTHING like the growl of a Marshall Major with a Fender P-Bass.

As for Porsche I'd say the reason why the 911 has lasted so long and is still popular is because they really aren't as fussy as most sports cars and a good one will last for ages. i have a friend with 2 80s 911s and those babies run like the day they rolled off the showroom floor and he has never had to do anything major to them. While i always like the style of the American muscle cars better they really do become money pits if you aren't really careful. RIP Porsche, your cars will live on.

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