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Mac OS X We don't normally report on security issues, especially not when they occur on Mac OS X. So far, the security issues on the Mac can barely be labelled as such, and really don't deserve a lot of attention. Now, however, it would appear we're looking at the first successful widespread malware infection on Mac OS X. Not a bad track record for an eleven year old operating system, by the way.
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OSX has been historically a safer neighborhood, compared to Windows. However, this situation...a drive-by that installs without user authentication, is something to pay attention to. For Mac users, the choices include not enabling Java (Safari, Firefox), installing network sniffing apps like Little Snitch (Flashback won't install if it detects Little Snitch) or using Intego VirusBarrier (same reaction by FlashBack).

I don't recall reading or hearing from Apple that Mac OSX is impervious to malware...just not susceptible to crap that infects Windows. There is no room for Windows fanbois to laugh about the need to make sure that MSE is running and up to date to clean up the turds in your own neighborhood.

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