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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless RIM has announced it's going to remove the PlayBook's ability to sideload applications. The company claims it's to prevent the piracy problems in the "chaotic cesspool of Android Market". However, the company provided no evidence, studies, or whatever to back up their claims. Considering the state of RIM's business, I'd say the company has bigger fish to fry, but alas. At this point, I'm just hoping they don't do a BeOS, but open the QNX code before they go belly-up.
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He means that BeOS didn't open the code for their OS, and that he hopes RIM don't do the same with QNX - that is, that RIM open sources the code for QNX before they, too, fall into oblivion. In other words, that RIM doesn't "do a BeOS" - that is, keep the code for no discernable reason.

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