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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "Windows Phone is fighting an uphill battle. Microsoft still has work to do in terms of user experience and the big hardware partners like HTC and Samsung are starting to lose interest and putting in only token efforts. But Nokia is keeping the platform in the conversation. We're not willing to consign Windows Phone to the same level of hopelessness as the open-source webOS or the out-to-pasture BB OS precisely because Nokia is too big and too active a partner." Having a big partner is by no means a guarantee. Microsoft is doing whatever it can - both legal and should-not-be-legal - to get people to buy Windows Phone, and it isn't working. A brand only gets you so far - you need a compelling product, too, and as much as I like Windows Phone, it's just not there yet compared to iOS and Android.
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RE[3]: Doomed
by gonzo on Mon 9th Apr 2012 19:34 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Doomed"
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Who decides which of apps matter? You?

Why do you think people buy iPhone and Android and not WP7?

Could it be because of all those apps and games?

So, you can run Eclipse. I can run both Eclipse and Visual Studio. Or, I can run Safari, IE, Chrome, Firefox and Opera, easily, no emulator/VM needed. Can you?

It's that simple.

Retarded and limited console

Actually, PowerShell is great.

application files are stored all over the place when installed,



What about it?

Since Vista, parts of registry are virtualized and stored in user's profile. Never had problems with registry. I know people run those optimizers, I never did, never had any problems.

drive letters,

Yes. So?

need to inject new drivers/reinstall windows when moving to another hardware.

Don't know about that, I moved recently to new desktop and all drivers were there, Windows 7 installed them for me.

But then, people usually just buy new computers with Windows pre-installed, all drivers are already there.

How often people move to new hardware anyway? Oh, please.

No built-in and easy way to create full backup and then clone it to second partition.

Are you serious?

Idiotic analog of symlink that doesn't work with some applications properly.(IIS for example)

Not sure what you mean? Care to explain?

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