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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "Windows Phone is fighting an uphill battle. Microsoft still has work to do in terms of user experience and the big hardware partners like HTC and Samsung are starting to lose interest and putting in only token efforts. But Nokia is keeping the platform in the conversation. We're not willing to consign Windows Phone to the same level of hopelessness as the open-source webOS or the out-to-pasture BB OS precisely because Nokia is too big and too active a partner." Having a big partner is by no means a guarantee. Microsoft is doing whatever it can - both legal and should-not-be-legal - to get people to buy Windows Phone, and it isn't working. A brand only gets you so far - you need a compelling product, too, and as much as I like Windows Phone, it's just not there yet compared to iOS and Android.
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RE[3]: Doomed
by gonzo on Tue 10th Apr 2012 03:47 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Doomed"
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Well.. yes, I agree.. to a certain degree: when I say "Windows" of course I am talking about the whole "ecosystem".

I probably would still pick Windows, here's why:

1) I know it well already. Would I switch to a different OS (given that I have all those apps available)? To what benefit precisely? So I have to spend my time trying to figure out how to have everything that I already have on Windows? What is the point?

2) It is WELL supported by hardware manufacturers (printers, scanners, etc, etc)

3) It lets me have similar environment at home and at work (I do realize this does not apply to everyone)

4) Windows 7 is VERY good when it comes to desktop experience: fast, stable, relatively secure. From what I see in Win 8 Consumer Preview, it's going to be even faster than Win 7. Right on. (No, I am not impressed with Metro, but at least it's bearable compared to all those let's-go-full-retard-on-user OSX shiny icons and animations. God.)

But Windows itself is a POS


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