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In the News "Sony forecast a record $6.4 billion net loss for the business year just ended, double earlier forecasts and a fourth straight year of losses, inflated by writing off deferred tax assets in the United States." Cry me river, Sony. You wasted my favourite format of all time (MiniDisc), so I consider this proof there might actually be a god after all - and she really likes doling out karma.
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by arsa on Tue 10th Apr 2012 11:52 UTC
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I used to love and admire Sony once very much. I've got lot of their different gears. Some of them I refuse to replace (MZ-RH1, TA-E2000ESD) but Sony has changed. They are so much into "controlling" (forbidding) customer's expectations. They still make things that I like very much (MDR-NC300D, KDL-NX710, ICF-C717L, ...) but they behavein a way to discourage me from buying. Some things cannot be obtain easily (STR-DA5600ES) or they cripple the functionality beyond reason (PS3, codecs in BDP-S780, USB connectivity in my previous NetMD and HI-MD devices, ...). On top of it, when I remember having them install spyware on users; PCs, I cannot recognize the company which once defended users rights in courtroom (users of Betamax VCR are allowed to make recordings as they wish and that's not piracy). I am not surprised what has Sony come to, but it's surprising if their executives are suprised. |It's them who should see the concequences of the bad decisions they made. Sony does not care about its customers any more. Inevitably, the customers will stop caring about Sony. It's great to see occasional exclusive products (CDZ-1, TA-ER1, Sountina, SS-R1, ...) but they are doing bad things in a mass-market segment. Still I think will remain powerful, but the lesson should be clear: eventually, arrogance does not pay.

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