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Legal "The man who co-founded Apple - the world's most valuable company - in the garage of Steve Jobs' parents, fears the torrent of intellectual property lawsuits being filed by companies such as Apple, Samsung, Google, HTC and Nokia could prevent future entrepreneurs from treading a path to technology fortune." Well, mr Wozniak, you are, technically, still an Apple employee. Shouldn't be too hard for you to get an audience with mr Cook.
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An example of consumer preassure
by Claxus on Tue 10th Apr 2012 19:19 UTC
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I just read in a Swedish newspaper where a chinese man claimed that in China, people buy Samsung not only because they prefer Samsung over Apple, but because they were upset over all Apples lawsuits.

It's impossible of course to validate this, but I still think it's interesting.
The reason for the consumer pattern can of course also (equally difficult to prove) origin from more political/regional interests.

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