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Internet & Networking I hate when I have to report on stuff I just don't care about. However, it's big news, because for some reason I'm not particularly privy to, this photosharing service is more popular than god. Yes, Facebook has acquired Instagram. Update: "At the end of the day, that's what Instagram filters are: a crutch, a misguided replacement for a properly composed shot and a decent sensor."
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RE[6]: Comment by vivainio
by WorknMan on Tue 10th Apr 2012 20:38 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Comment by vivainio"
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Why not just use your google account?

Yeah, I have one of those too for this purpose. (Fake, of course.) I just use whichever one the site accepts.

I trust Google a lot more than Facebook with my information.

Then you're an idiot. If Facebook and Google were both pedophiles, Facebook would be the creepy old guy next door, while Google is the nice gentleman luring children into his house with candy, and whom nobody suspects. I mean, we're talking about a company who drove down the f**king street, slurping data from peoples' public wifi access points, and then claimed it was an accident when they got caught. Trust me, neither of these companies have your best interest in mind.

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