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Legal "The Justice Department could sue Apple as early as Wednesday over alleged electronic book price-fixing, while settling with several publishers as early as this week, two people familiar with the matter said." I feel safe already. Update: ...and we have lift-off.
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RE: Apple isn't alone
by TechGeek on Wed 11th Apr 2012 20:50 UTC in reply to "Apple isn't alone"
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Seems all the big players are in the mix, not just Apple. Going to hard to tackle a company with some $600B in cash. The US attorneys ought to settle. The result is the poor consumer will end up paying for all of this anyway. My DSL went up the day after I get a letter to join a class action. Huh!

First off, its $100 B in cash on hand. Second, three publishers have already settled without contest, i am sure providing the evidence to convict the rest. Third, even $600B is nothing compared to the trillions of dollars our government spends annually.

Finally, the reason your prices went up on ebooks is because of crap like this deal. Someone needs to take a few whacks at Apple and the publishers for being greedy whores.

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