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Google "Just got off the phone with Google over their Android app store (Market or Google Play to those keeping track of the name changes) about an application that I purchased that can no longer be found. Evidentially their new policy in the Market can be summed up as a head shrug and the words 'I got mine'. They have decided their fifteen minute refund window is not only absolute, but also applies even in cases where the developers are actively screwing over their customers." Yes, it's an angry rant, and yes, if that bother you, you can skip it, but the guy or girl has a point. Google has some major work to do on the Play Store.
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So, you think you have a problem?
by lukic on Thu 12th Apr 2012 09:37 UTC
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There is this country where I live and it's called Serbia. And that whole country has a problem with Google and Play Store and nobody seems to care.
Google announced at Google I/O 2011 that we will get paid apps like many other countries and we did about a month later. But very soon after that paid apps disappeared with out any explanation from Google.
Few months later they reappeared and I bought a lot of them. But soon after at the start of 2012 they disappeared again. So now we still can't buy anything and we still do not have any other explanation except that it's a bug.
But that is not all. Even though we couldn't buy apps we could update and re install those that were purchased as they were among Installed apps. But now they disappeared completely and more than 20 of my purchased apps are gone!
And we still didn't get any proper explanation from Google even though I have exchanged with them more than 100 emails in the last few months.
So you still think you have a problem?

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